I am the Founder & CEO at the Human Creator Alliance, a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) with a social mission to solve the problems caused by AI (Artificial Intelligence). Learn more at humancreatoralliance.org

I also currently serve as Managing Partner at my digital agency and web development house Reiff Valliant & Co. (reiffvalliant.co), and I have a startup in pre-launch called SqueakWorks (squeakworks.com), which provides Jamstack Web Dev as a Subscription Service.

I help people and businesses of all sizes succeed and grow by creating amazing digital experiences in the form of websites, web applications, and digital marketing. As a Technical Lead, Creative, and 23 year industry veteran specializing in all things Web & Digital, I've successfully deployed hundreds of websites, including projects for startups that contributed to high-profile acquisitions by companies such as Facebook(Meta), Motorola, and Boingo Wireless.

I am also available for consulting / coaching / training / speaking opportunities for individuals, SMBs, and enterprises.

My bio

Daniel Ryan Reiff has been professionally creating with technology for over two decades. He began his training in both computer programming and the fine arts in early childhood, which sparked a lifelong fascination with the intersection of technology and art. Daniel formally began his career in Information Technology and Web Design/Development in 1999 during the dot-com bubble. In 2010 Daniel founded his own company (now Reiff Valliant & Co.), which has since grown to service hundreds of clients in a large variety of industries.

Specializing in the fields of web & application development, design, and digital marketing—Daniel remains passionate about service-based leadership, listening and providing guidance, and helping people and organizations everywhere to realize their visions and business goals.

In his spare time, Daniel is passionate about creating art, writing music, playing guitar (not to mention a pretty mean blues harmonica), healthy living, nature walks, philosophy, and is a lifelong practitioner of Kung Fu & Zen Meditation. Originally from the Detroit area of Michigan, he currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee.

How to hire, connect with, or follow me:
- DM / connect on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/danielryanreiff
- Inquire through my Digital Agency: https://reiffvalliant.co/contact
- Sign up for the Early Access Waitlist of my startup Squeakworks: https://squeakworks.com/
- See what else I'm up to and other ways to follow me at my personal website: https://danielreiff.com

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Founder & CEO at the Human Creator Alliance (humancreatoralliance.org) || Managing Partner at reiffvalliant.co. || Founder at squeakworks.com


Daniel Ryan Reiff

Founder & CEO at the Human Creator Alliance (humancreatoralliance.org) || Managing Partner at reiffvalliant.co. || Founder at squeakworks.com